Iron Chef

Michele has started a couple traditions.

First she waits to go grocery shopping until she needs to. This is a change from shopping same time and day every week. This cuts down on waste and helps us turn our inventory over better.

Second, she’s started Iron Chef at our house. This happens when the selection of food to cook from is dwindling and Michele hasn’t yet gone to the store. Basically whoever “gets” to cook dinner — Tonight was Kenn and I — has to find ingredients that are remaning and put them together in new and exciting combinations.

Tonight Kenn and I cooked up, chicken breasts filets, with a cheese (soup) sauce, topped with peas and served on a bed of angel hair pasta. The side was cheddar-garlic bread from Great Harvest slightly broiled with freshly grated cheddar on top.

Bone appiteet.

08/15/2007 | hugh |

Do you Iron Chef?

  1. Sounds like dinner just about every day at my house!!

    Aug 16, 07:13 AM

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