“I need to make it perfect. And by perfect, I mean good.”

11/09/2010 | quinan | Comment

“Killing people is a great way to burn off word count.”


11/29/2009 | ken | Comment

Squishy Stuff

Quinan: I love the squishy stuff.

(Asking if anyone hat the uneaten fat from their pork chop). That (eating fat thing) must skip a generation or something.

03/29/2009 | hugh | Comment [2]

Dish rag

Mom: Quinan (please) take this dish-rag and wash the table off.

Quinan: Put it in the trash?

Mom: No wash the table off.

Quinan: Oh.

03/09/2009 | quinan | Comment


Mom: We can be an example.
Quinan: Egg sample? but I don’t like eggs!

09/21/2008 | quinan | Comment [2]

Charlie Bone

“Charlie Bone is hot!”
-Jen, trying to explain to me that her Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors book was warm from sitting in the sun.

07/04/2008 | ken | Comment

Bad guys

“Did bad guys kill President Hinckley?”

— Quinan

05/06/2008 | quinan | Comment


“It’s a nursing primate. . . it’s STILL a nursing primate.”
-Dad, watching a nature documentary

04/20/2008 | ken | Comment [1]

Guerilla Gardening

“I guerilla garden — what makes it on my level of care gets replanted. If the plant is too wimpy to endure my preschooler and my kamikaze schedule, I never grow it again. :) “

— veganmom30 (flickr square foot gardening group)

04/06/2008 | hugh | Comment


“Oh I found an arm, I’ve been looking for that.”

— Michele

04/01/2008 | michele | Comment