Blog Action Day?

So I opened up my Brainpop app to watch my daily dose of Brainpop today. Today’s topic: blogs. Above the movie, it said, Blog Action Day. I wondered what that was, so I googled it. Apparently, on October 15, a bunch of people blog out one topic. This years theme is water, according to plenty of sites. So, I’m going to talk about water in the spirit of Blog Action Day. (coincidence I came home craving water.)

Water. We need it. We use it to survive. It’s the thing that refreshes us. It’s the thing that’s 70% of our bodynis made of. It’s the thing that you gulp by the gallon after P.E. Its the thing that has been cherished by cultures. Technically, water rules us. If it decides to disappear, the world turns into a brown bulk without life. If it decides to randomly appear from thin air, our environment is full of plentiful plants and green happiness. Pandas get their water from bamboo plants, which have juicy “meat” inside.

Okay I’m done.

10/15/2010 | jen |


  1. I’m lost the pandas have juicy meat or the bamboo.

    Oct 17, 01:57 AM

  2. The bamboo.

    Oct 18, 06:04 AM

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