Christmas Eve 1941

This year, my mom and I took a look at the Christmas-themed books on our selves, and both agreed that it was time we bought some more. They barely filled a shelf with their words, which is nothing considering we have sixteen of those shelves on that same wall. One of Mom’s favorite authors is historian David McCullough (whose books never yet have failed to please her), and when we saw a Christmas book he wrote called “In the Dark Streets Shineth: A 1941 Christmas Eve Story,” of course, we had to buy it.

I read it this morning, and what I loved most about it were not what David McCullough himself wrote, but the words of the two people now dead that the book generally centered on. 1941 Christmas was a Christmas in the middle of World War Two, and it was that same year that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the US for Christmas and delivered a speech with Franklin Roosevelt. At the back of the book, it including a copy of their speeches, and it made me wonder why I had never read or heard them before.

I would include them in this post, but I’m not quite sure if it’s considered copyrighted or not. So instead, I will highly, highly suggest finding a copy of those speeches somewhere (or even buying the book) and reading it. It really helped me set aside the whole aspect of presents and what Christmas has become to the world, and realize how much hope and inspiration and happiness Christmas sparks, a feeling and event that has stood the test of time like none other.

A merry and happy Christmas to everyone!

(And if anyone’s looking for another very cute book to add their Christmas shelf, I recommend “Christmas On Mill Street” by Joseph Walker. :D)

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  1. Jenn, thanks for the reading tips and for bringing so a great holiday spirit in our home this year. Love, Dad.

    Dec 25, 06:07 PM

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