This has to be the most amazing thing my eyes have ever beheld. It is beautiful.

A vampire panda. That is beautiful art. Especially since the artist is terrible at sculpting. This is why I like art class. She let’s me draw pandas all day long. Who doesn’t like that?

Here is something I made back in sixth grade. We had to draw the bottom of shoes and draw up.
I made a panda with Bamboo Designer shoes.

This, well, doesn’t have a panda, but I thought it looked pretty cool. This is made up of the letters from my name.

Finally, is not so awesome. It was hard. But scratched a sketch onto a piece of copper with the non-bristle side of a paintbrush. Then, my teacher soaked it into some kind of chemical.

If you can’t tell, the big long thing is a dragon. On the dragon is a panda. The dragon was also holding a panda, and there was a panda on the ground, but those didn’t really turn out. So I had to scratch them out.

01/29/2011 | jen |


  1. You are quite the artist! You should show us more of you work.
    I take it you really like pandas!:)

    Jan 30, 01:51 PM

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