Will you...

Take a cold walk with me tonight?

Watch the clouds go by, with my hand, reach the sky?

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The Book of Mormon

If you don’t already know, The Book of Mormon is a sacred scriptural record of an ancient people in America that taught, testified and were visited by Jesus Christ.

Find out for yourself by getting a copy and reading The Book of Mormon.

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Howdy Partner?

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Harvesting Radishes

Having your children harvest is one of the best things about gardening.

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Michele, thank you for trading your dreams, for "our dreams" Love, Hugh

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My Personal Mission (Updated)

This morning I’m reviewing my personal mission from a couple years ago and decided that it needs updating. I think I may organize this into more than two axes. This may be in a state of flux for a little while.

Son (return with honor, be with family)
Husband (become someone who my wife will always want to be with)
Father (love-verb my children)
Employee (become a valuable employee)
Provider (meet the needs of my family)
Teacher (become an effective instructor)
Student (continue to learn)
Friend (develop lasting bonds)
Gardener (grown and consume)
Venturer (launch ventures)
Historian (preserve memories)
Musician (improve talents)

“I will:”
Prepare for eternity
Recreate with family
Live providently
Serve cheerfully
Work to be an asset
Prepare to teach
Study to learn
Cultivate harvest
Record family history
Dream then venture

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0000 1111

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What does FDR stand for? Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt?


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What makes a month better?

Look at how freaking adorable these girls (our neices and cousins) are. They are so cute I don’t feel guilty at all for stealing the picture and posting it.

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Michele just (last weekend) had me paint the bathroom pantone color of the year 2010. http://bit.ly/PanTone She’s so ahead of the curve.

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