Harvesting Radishes

Having your children harvest is one of the best things about gardening.

03/27/2011 | hugh | Comment [1]

Guerilla Gardening

“I guerilla garden — what makes it on my level of care gets replanted. If the plant is too wimpy to endure my preschooler and my kamikaze schedule, I never grow it again. :) “

— veganmom30 (flickr square foot gardening group)

04/06/2008 | hugh | Comment

The perfect raised bed

The perfect raised bed. Sunset: The perfect raised bed. See how to make it in five simple steps. I like the 4×4 in the corners, and the larger pvc to hold the hoops.

04/02/2008 | hugh | Comment

Garden Pests

Square Foot Garden InchwormSquare Foot Garden Mushroom

We have wonderful kids. One of the things I love about Kenn is her willingness to help in the garden, especially with tiny pests. I've seen a few holes in the broccoli and peppers for a day or two, but couldn't spot the culprit. Within seconds she was able to spy two inchworms on the broccoli and aphids on the pepers. She also takes care of the mushrooms that pop up when I water too much.

04/01/2008 | ken | Comment: cool or creepy? [1]