Switched on

When I was a child, I remember our home being filled with the sounds of Beethoven, Handel, Bach and Mozart. Especially Sundays when my dad was home. I remember the pounding rhythm of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the dynamic ‘lectric sounds of Switched on Bach and the sacred message of Handel’s Messiah.

Then I got older. And my appreciation for classical music, well slowly depreciated. I (much to my parents chagrin), began to enjoy music of my era (circa the ’80s). U2, REM, and Rush.

Now this isn’t to say I only listened to Rock ‘n’ Roll. I also really got into Jazz and Big Band music in high school (via positive influence of my friends). My brother Trevor let me copy some of his father-in-laws LPs (such as) on to cassette tape (Kenn says “RETRO”). This is where I was introduced to the Brazilian Jazz Classic Desafinado popularized by Stan Getz & Joaoo Gilberto (probably before I was born). Of course performing in the High School Concert and Jazz band helped keep my musical interests broad.

I even flirted with listening to classical a bit as a teen. Enjoying the dark (Harry Potteresqe) overtones of Stravinsky.

Marva and Karen would watch “The Sound of Music” every single stinkin’ time it came on TV. My testosterone kicked in and I tired of Julie Andrews pretty quick. I learned to loathe that movie. It’s ironic that “Mary Poppins,” and “The Sound of Music” are probably my two favorite movies.

As I matured (okay I’m still immature, as I have aged) I gained an appreciation for The Church’s many beloved hymns. This last weekend while waiting for the adult session of Stake Conference to begin, I was listening to the prelude while Michele chatted quietly with a friend. I noticed the organist was playing “In Humility, Our Savior.” I’ve never heard this simple hymn as prelude. As I reflected on it’s message, I was being prepared for the messages that would be delivered later that night. This is but one of many spiritual experiences with hymns.

But I never fell in love with classical music.


I recently read Elder Doug Callister’s talk Our Refined Heavenly Home and reflected on many ways that I lack talent and taste. And how can you not be moved by Oscar Wilde’s quote “After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own.”

Sometime during Stake Conference this last weekend, one of the visiting Authorities, said (paraphrasing), modern “music is marketing.” I have thought about that all week. You know what, he’s right (Michele’s says duh). Not convinced? Just watch any iPod commercial from the last few years.

This morning I realized that I don’t really enjoy the current and classic pop music my coworkers listen to. It’s familiar, but leaves an empty taste (like drinking diet soda).

I pulled out a pair of headphones, logged in to last.fm, thought “what would Michele listen to” and started playing a Claude Debussy station.

Do you know what? For the first time in my life I loved (not just enjoyed) listening to classical music.

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Summer Camp

I spent this last week at summer camp with our scouts. I had a terrific time and it was great to see the boys learn new skills, have fun and show scout spirt.

But, it’s great to be home. There nothing quite like my wonderful wife and family.

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Date Ideas

I need a favor, date ideas, can you comment with what you did on your five most memorable dates?

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FHE Games

On Monday night, Michele was in charge of the Family Home Evening activity. She decided to have us play some of the games that will be used at Thursday night’s pioneer R.S. activity. It was totally fun, so much that I was thinking it might be cool to crash the meeting… well almost that cool.

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Squishy Stuff

Quinan: I love the squishy stuff.

(Asking if anyone hat the uneaten fat from their pork chop). That (eating fat thing) must skip a generation or something.

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FHE Clue

The organist in the janitor’s closet with the toy.

Michele won!

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Roper5 Mission

Tonight for Family Home Evening we discussed creating a family mission.

First, we brainstormed our family roles.

Second, we combined these roles into five areas:

Third, we drafted a list of long-term goals for these roles:

My suggestion final family mission:

As a family we will prepare for eternity through service, exploration, friendship and love.

Brainstorm list of roles:

Notes for final mission:

Return to Heavenly Father, invite others into our lives and to Christ, have fun, improve the world, remember ancestors, love family and preserve our lives. Live like and invite others to Christ, have fun making the world better, discover our family of the past, celebrate our present family and preserve for our future family. Look to Christ, discover past, celebrate present and protect for our future.

We finished tonight with Michele’s secret fluffy chocolate chip cookies (made with sour cream) and a game of Quinan’s Alphabet Bingo.

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Get a Clue

Clue Express

For christmas we received Clue Express, a spin off of the classic board game. We had tons of fun.

Recently when Jen wanted to spend some of her own money we recently “encouraged” her to get the full Clue game. We have played it as a family a few times with wins by both Kenn and Michele. Tonight Jen started spinning some righteous strategy. Michele drew the last clock card and took a turn for the graveyard. Jen dominated with a win when I only had the weapon figured out. Kenn was right behind Jen and showed true sportsmanship.

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In 'n' Out (Literally)

Dan, Nate and Mindy D.

Ben D.Abby, Ben and Hannah
Dan D.

Abby and Hannah

Back around Thanksgiving we got a call from our friends, the “D’s” who moved to Bountiful about 4 years ago. They were on their way to sunny California and were stopping at our mutually-favorite fast food joint. So off to Trop and I15 we went. We had a great time, great food and lots of catching up. They asked about lots of people who may or may not read this blog (and said) Hi!

Quinan now affectionately calls In ‘N’ Out the “Restaurant with the ring around it” and the “lemonade place you can run around.”

We’re looking forward to the new In’N‘Out at Trop and Ft. Apache and hope that Utah stays In’N‘Out free for a few more years.

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