“There’s a booger on my shoe.”

— Quinan (while grocery shopping)

03/28/2008 | quinan | Comment


Is that a real coat for him.

— Jensen

03/23/2008 | michele | Comment [1]

Pizza to me

“It sounds like he says Pizza Lea to me.”

— Michele

03/18/2008 | michele | Comment

“If it can be fixed with money, it’s not a problem.”


02/28/2008 | hugh | Comment

“Look it’s Buzz Lightyear” — Quinan (when seeing an airplane’s vapor trail in the sky).

02/11/2008 | quinan | Comment

Jensen's dictionary

Aftertizer-an appetizer that is eaten after dinner

Hamily fome evening – family home evening is harder to say.

Mazagine-means the same as magzine, it’s just funer to say.

01/27/2008 | jen | Comment [1]

“I would vote, but I’m not 14!” – Kenn

01/19/2008 | ken | Comment

Jensen, If you get paralyzed, you can get a monkey.

01/17/2008 | hugh |

I'm Bored

I’m bored
I’m bored
I’m bored
I’m bored
I’m bored

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01/13/2008 | jen | Comment [2]

"...You NAME your SQUID?!?"

We (Bailey, Garen, Mitchell, and me) were at the temple, just finished up with baptisms for the dead, eating in the cafeteria, discussing G. A. T. E. projects we had done in elementary…
Kind of a funny story…

“Well, in fifth grade, we dissected a squid, and then had Calamari.” I said.

Then Mitchell says, rather confuzzled, “You NAME your SQUID?!?!”

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01/13/2008 | ken | Comment