My Personal Mission (Updated)

This morning I’m reviewing my personal mission from a couple years ago and decided that it needs updating. I think I may organize this into more than two axes. This may be in a state of flux for a little while.

Son (return with honor, be with family)
Husband (become someone who my wife will always want to be with)
Father (love-verb my children)
Employee (become a valuable employee)
Provider (meet the needs of my family)
Teacher (become an effective instructor)
Student (continue to learn)
Friend (develop lasting bonds)
Gardener (grown and consume)
Venturer (launch ventures)
Historian (preserve memories)
Musician (improve talents)

“I will:”
Prepare for eternity
Recreate with family
Live providently
Serve cheerfully
Work to be an asset
Prepare to teach
Study to learn
Cultivate harvest
Record family history
Dream then venture

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This has to be the most amazing thing my eyes have ever beheld. It is beautiful.

A vampire panda. That is beautiful art. Especially since the artist is terrible at sculpting. This is why I like art class. She let’s me draw pandas all day long. Who doesn’t like that?

Here is something I made back in sixth grade. We had to draw the bottom of shoes and draw up.
I made a panda with Bamboo Designer shoes.

This, well, doesn’t have a panda, but I thought it looked pretty cool. This is made up of the letters from my name.

Finally, is not so awesome. It was hard. But scratched a sketch onto a piece of copper with the non-bristle side of a paintbrush. Then, my teacher soaked it into some kind of chemical.

If you can’t tell, the big long thing is a dragon. On the dragon is a panda. The dragon was also holding a panda, and there was a panda on the ground, but those didn’t really turn out. So I had to scratch them out.

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0000 1111

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Funner or Funnier

Ken is a grammar cop. More than once day she’s correcting us. So we were talking about it. And Mom replies that she is always mocked for saying “dinner.” Dad asked her how to spell it, siding with Ken for the word “runner.” Mom had her answer ready. “F-U-N-N-I-E-R.” we thought that was funny. Get it?

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Phone Scam

The phone rang. Phone Scam is calling. It’s for you.

The phone really did ring during dinner. Kenn looked at the caller ID, and sure enough, it actually said “Phone Scam.” My dad answered it too. They were saying something about a credit card. Too bad my parents don’t have a credit card. These people were either stupid enough to put Phone Scam, or smart enough to.

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Winter Cardinals By Quinan Roper

Quinan drew this in his art class this year. I don’t think I could draw anything half this good when I was in first grade. Or even now. :) Good job, Quinan. Keep up the good work!

12/04/2010 | quinan | Any feedback for the new artist?

“I need to make it perfect. And by perfect, I mean good.”

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Word Count Nov. 2 2010

2254, total. Good, but not as good as yesterday. Only 796 today. Did the math (on a calculator of course) and now I have to write approximately 633.78571428571429 words to meet my goal of 20,000.

11/02/2010 | jen | Comment [2]

Word Count Of Nov. 1 2010

is 1,458! Yay! I wrote 1,458 words in one day! Yeah, Kenn and her friends wrote like, thousands more, but nobody in my school has done that! (or at least know that they wrote that many words.) If I didn’t just hear talks about pride on Sunday, I would go brag to all my friends right now!

I should go write now and beat that record!

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I predict that in one or two weeks, my sentences in my novel will look like this:

His voice stiff and harsh with stiff harshness that sounded stiff and harsh. She didn’t like the stiff and harsh way he spoke; to her, it was too stiff and harsh and told her the harsh danger would soon come her way.

Word Count: 42

Hope that didn’t sound stiff or harsh.

11/01/2010 | jen | Comment

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