Pi Day

Dangit, we missed pi day! (3.14)

— Kenn

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iPod Locker

By Kenn

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Car Blankey Hat

Kenn took pieces of Quinan’s shredded and beloved car blankey and sewed them on a hat that she “spool knitted” as a Christmas present for him.

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“I would vote, but I’m not 14!” – Kenn

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"...You NAME your SQUID?!?"

Kind of a funny story…
We (Bailey, Garen, Mitchell, and me) were at the temple, just finished up with baptisms for the dead, eating in the cafeteria, discussing G. A. T. E. projects we had done in elementary…

“Well, in fifth grade, we dissected a squid, and then had Calamari.” I said.

Then Mitchell says, rather confuzzled, “You NAME your SQUID?!?!”

Thus, the roper5.com “Quote-Boardage” begun.

One thing you have to understand is Mitchell is quite smartical. He skipped a grade, so he’s in eighth grade, but younger than me. Worse, he’s in that high-school credit math class (a. k. a., “Math Enrichment”, as so mis-namely named), thus making him smarter than me, thus making this moment funnier.

It wasn’t helping that Garen was doing some dissecting of his own, mainly on his roll and transforming it into a variety of fashionable mustaches.

To this day, Bailey and I sing a remix to the “Muffin Man” song…

Do you know, the Breaddish Man? The Breaddish Man?
Do you know, the Breaddish Man? Who lives on Diablo Lane?

(Do remember the “Breaddish” part is referring to the edible item stuck to his face.)

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My favorite Nativity Set

Of the many nativity sets on display in our home this Christmas, my favorite is this painted rock nativity. Ken created it when she was a little younger.

It is made from backyard rocks, and features color washes detailed with a black marker.

Ken's Rock Nativity Set

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Camera Filter

Yesterday our friend Anna Lee was baptized. It was a wonderful service. She looks great in white. It seems like yesterday that she was just a sunbeam.

On the way home we blew up an orange balloon for Quinan. Kennerley took advantage of the opportunity to show that a balloon can function as a terrific camera filter.

Parked cars.
Reflections of a brother. Drive-up window
Polka dot

I especially like the reflections. Click on on the thumbnail photos above to see them in their true bright color.

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Editors Needed!

At my school, my teacher is having us enter a writing contest, and thought that Portal would be my best editor. I will be having my friends and my teacher peer edit it, but they probably will just tell me how well written it was (I’m just kidding). But I would like somone who wouldn’t mind a giving a little “buildable” criticism. I really want to do my best, so I want an outsiders opinion on the character development, description, fluency, all that jazz. If you are interested palms up, just post a comment on why, and I will consider sending you an ultra secret copy of Portal.

This is only OPTIONAL you know.

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The Aspiring Writer's Journal by Susie Morgenstern

At my school, there was a book fair. With money to spend (for once) I looked around. At middle school book fairs, they have some really good books, chapter books mostly. At elementary school, they have picture books and some good books, but none really at my level. Last year, I found a REALLY good book called Writing Magic, by my favorite author, Gail Carson Levine. She gives you techiniques and tips on writing fiction, my exact element.
Well, what do you know! ANOTHER PERFECT WRITING BOOK!!!! The Aspiring Writer’s Journal. I’m aspiring, I write, and I try to keep a journal! Yay! It’s too perfect to write in though, so my parents suggested to blog it wach day to preserve it pure pages.

November 8th (in a little umbrella!)

Quote: “And living without love is not living at all.” -Moliere (second e had a little swosh)

I couldn’t live without. . . [my family]

I couldn’t live without. . . [my friends]

I couldn’t live withough. . . [my life]

I couldn’t live without. . . [words]

I couldn’t live without. . . [books]

Icouldn’t live without. . . [music]

[My writing is in the brackets after the quote.]

Okay, then on the side, there’s a little packet of pages with a binder clip holding a hankerchief (however you spell that) next to a grave that says,“Here lies Mr. Notebook Tragically.”

The little drawing isn’t alway that sad. The packets name is Mr. Paper. Say hello to Mr. Paper. For the month of November, the lines are gray, and smudges representing clouds are on the top of the page. Isn’t this one of the coolest things ever? For authors maybe. . .

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