Can Openers, Hangers, and Ice Cube Trays Confuse Kids

I read a newspaper article titled “Can Openers, Hangers, and Ice Cube Trays Confuse Kids” in English. It says that the older generation is raising “nincompoops”. Thats seriously what it said. In my defense, adults have had more practice with the confusing contraptions of can openers, so they understand the strange machines. Plus, the hanger’s purpose is questionable since clothes fall off it anyway and ice tube trays effectiveness is inadequate. The newer generation just think through stuff and have learned how to develop independent thinking processes and are more adapt to questioning the way everything works.

10/05/2010 | jen |


  1. In seminary today I asked how many students have families that receive a newspaper every day. The answer: 1 of 16. Why are you reading a newspaper? Oh, I haven’t evangelized you enough on google reader.

    Oct 7, 05:24 PM

  2. What’s an ice cube tray?

    Oct 8, 11:04 AM

  3. Your medium is dieing! =D

    If you wanted a definition, I couldn’t find one. I guess no one knows what an ice cube tray is. Anyone who uses a computer, that is.

    Oct 8, 11:53 AM

  4. No one uses ice cube trays any more, a lot of cans have pull tops, and I don’t know many kids who have ever figured out how to use a hanger! (some adults too)!

    Oct 8, 01:20 PM

  5. Yeah. In the future, we’ll just have to press a button and ZAP we have ice cubes or whatever would be in a can and we’ll zap our clothes on.

    Oct 9, 07:50 AM

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