The bravest thing you ever did

I can think of lots of times when I have had to do something that took me out of my comfort zone. I think doing those took bravery. But the first thing that came to mind is when I went to Interlochen Arts Academy.
I was 15 the first year I went to the Academy. My family lived in Colorado which was really far from Michigan. I had been away from home before, though not for months at a time. I think though what makes it so brave is that I went and did not know a single person. I had a good set of friends in Colorado and sometimes I can’t believe as a teenager I left a place I had friends and chose to go somewhere where I knew no one. Also, now that Kennerley is at about the age I was when I left I can’t believe I went. She seems so young to leave home! I also think letting me go was the bravest thing my mom probably ever did. Sending her oldest off someplace she really did not know to much about.

03/16/2009 | michele |


  1. When I look back at that time in my life. I remember thinking (I wonder if mom and dad are trying to get rid of her. I better shape up or I might be next). I was only years later, that I realized it was love and a knowledge that you would be ok and grow up to be a great harp player.

    Mar 16, 05:42 PM

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