Describe a typical day of your Junior High years...

I went to Northeast Junior High. I don’t remember what time I got up. But I think I might have practiced the piano before school. Then after a good breakfast which my mom always made (eggs, pancakes, etc) I was off. I walked. It probably took me 20 minutes. If I remember correctly I met my friend Allison part way and we walked the rest of the way together. After school I would stay and practice. My harp was kept at the school because I needed it for orchestra. I’m thinking I stayed till 4:00 but I don’t really remember. Then I would walk home. After school, I had piano lessons once a week, mutual and occasionally a harp lesson. I think that was about it. Mom, did I leave anything out?

How about you? Describe a typical day of your Junior High years. Do you remember?

03/12/2009 | michele |


  1. I remember getting up around 4:00 and doing chores. Then Dan and I would walk or ride our bikes to school. If we walked we would go up mountain view. If we rode we would go down Independence. After school I would come home and start on homework. After a few hours I would help cook dinner and then practice piano or trumpet. On occasion I would have scouts or some other church thing. Then at 8:00 I would have to be in bed and Dan and I would fall asleep listing to the neighborhood kids playing outside.

    Mar 15, 03:46 PM

  2. You are so full of it Dave! I think the only truth in there is the walking or riding your bike to school. :)

    Mar 16, 09:34 AM

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