I love that by 9:00 am we are just getting started instead of already feeling like I have half my day over. I love that I can stay up later than 9:00 pm without thinking the whole time “I am really going to regret this tomorrow.” I love that I can enjoy the day and still have time to get things done! I love the heat (well, we haven’t really had that yet – but I am looking forward to it) I love making lemon bars which for some reason just taste the best in the summer. I love that I am not rushing around like a crazy woman taking kids someplace, picking up kids from someplace, taking them again. I don’t think I have ever appreciated summer as much as I do this year. Everyday I say to myself, “I love summer!”

What is your favorite part of summer?

06/11/2009 | michele |


  1. does this mean that we will be getting more updates on the blog?

    Jun 11, 12:37 PM

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