Fruits and Veggies

The past few months our family has really strived to eat more fruits and vegetables. Actually not only eat more but have fruits and vegetables be our primary source of food.

One of the reasons for this was an article I came across which stated the following information: “Since the early 1900s, significant changes have occurred in the American diet. In 1909 about 60 to 70 percent of our caloric intake came from whole garden foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. We consumed less than 20% of our calories from animal-based sources, and less than 20 percent of our calories were consumed from oils, sugar, and other refined and processed foods. As the food industry has perfected the most profitable way to sell food, our intake of meat has more than doubled per person; fat intake has more than doubled; cheese and soda intakes have risen 7 times; intake of sugar has more than doubled; intake of salad oils has risen 13 times; intake of fresh garden produce is 13 times less; and we consume 100 pounds less grain per person per year. The U.S. now consumes 42 percent of its calories from animal-based foods; 51 percent from refined and processed foods; and 7 percent from whole garden foods.”

From some reason this really struck something in me when I read it and as a result we have dabbled in having our primary source of food come from fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes. I have to say it is not easy. And its not easy because processed or man-made foods are made to taste so good so we often fall back to those delicious chips. At least that is what does it more me. So one of my goals this summer is to really get my body used to eating only fruits and vegetables. I have found some recipes that fit in that I have started trying out and I have to say I am pretty surprised how good they taste. Another problem I have had in eating this way is that I love to cook and I love trying new recipes. It seems sometimes like there isn’t so much you can make when eating fruits and vegetables. But so far these recipes have kept the chef part of me satisfied. The funny thing is that the times in the past when we have tried eating this way we always feel great and have more energy and then somehow get sucked back into the processed foods, oils, sugars, etc. I wonder why that is when we can actually feel the difference?

Please share if you have any recipes using no oils, processed items, etc. Or if you are successful in finding ways not to eat those yummy chips. Can you tell chips are my downfall?

05/31/2009 | michele |


  1. Hey Michelle, I am a contributer to a health blog called Simply Healthful. Check it out at You can find some great recipes there! Enjoy your journey to healthier eating, it’s funner than it seams. :)

    Heather Harden
    Jun 2, 08:58 AM

  2. Good for you and your family!!! No wonder you all are looking thin and healthy. Good job!!!

    Jun 27, 09:27 PM

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