Croup The Third

Last night—for the third year in a row—Quinan woke up with the croup. 2007 2008

We have a pretty good routine now to treat him. I just grab Quinan, a chair and a blanket and site outside in the cold holding him for 30 minutes to an hour. Then we start up the humidifier in his room. We stayed home from church to make sure he doesn’t spread it to other kids. And had lots of fun including playing with the african giraffes grandma and grandpa sent us.

If you child hasn’t had croup before and you aren’t familiar with it this is what it Quinan sounded like to years ago.

02/22/2009 | quinan |

Have your or your child had the croup?

  1. Yes, our kids have had it….Bryce and Dylan. It is scary! I hope Quinan is feeling better.

    Feb 22, 08:31 PM

  2. I learned about the croup from Anne of Green Gables.

    Feb 23, 08:03 PM

  3. One of the kids in our primary class had the croup on Sunday as well.

    Feb 24, 03:54 PM

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