Quinan relief at last

Well, I have found something that will keep Quinan occupied. Though unfortunately it is not the best of things. Ever since Quinan no longer stayed on the couch and moved all around he would never sit in any one place for more than about 7 seconds. I know because one day I spent the whole day timing him to see how long he could sit still before running off some place. There have been days when I would beg him to just sit for 20 minutes in front of the TV like every other normal kid in America. But he just couldn’t do it. So I have mixed emotions about his new hobby. It keeps him busy. Kept him busy for 3 hours today so I could help Jensen finish her science project (more about that below) But it is not the best hobby. He has discovered Lego Star Wars on the PlayStation. The amazing thing is he can actually play it. I can’t even figure out how to play it. So it is not good for a 3 year old to spend 3 hours on a video game and worse is when he did get off he was sword fighting everyone. And sword fighting like it was for real… he was in it to win and chop whoever walked in his path into pieces. But, Jensen did get to work on her project in peace so……

Science Project. This is our last one for a few years. YEA!!!! This year Jensen decided she wanted to see what ingredient in cookies affected the taste and looks the most. The over the past few weeks we have been making cookies and each time leaving out a different ingredient. What ingredient do you think affects cookies the most? Is it a different ingredient for looks than for taste? Leave your predictions and we will let you know tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago my leg starting hurting. I don’t remember hurting it… I just noticed that it was hurting. I’m not even sure what hurts. I think it is the hip flexor are but not sure. Anyway, I kept exercising and running and it kept hurting. Then last Thursday I pushed myself through the run and then could hardly walk the rest of the day. So I decided maybe i should rest it until it felt better. It’s Monday and it isn’t feeling any better. I’m bummed. Exercising is a great stress reliever. Plus, I have to watch what I eat even more (or pretend like I do) when I am not burning anything off. Which is really hard to do with a two pound box of Sees Chocolate sitting on my counter.

I made something new for dinner that Hugh liked. I was suprised he liked it because it mixed fruit and meat. He doesn’t think a fruit should be mixed in with a meat in a dinner. But sometimes I slide it in anyways. When we were first married he didn’t like Blue Cheese and now he puts it on everything so who knows what he will like when. Anyway, everyone loved the Cuban-Style Chicken.

One last thing before I go. I POSTED ANOTHER POST ON THE BLOG!!!! This is 2 days in a row now! I’m pretty excited. Though it is 9:20 pm and I didn’t start until 9:00 pm…. didn’t work on it all day. And I didn’t take a camera with me anywhere or take any pictures today. Oh well. maybe tomorrow.

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  1. I’m so proud of you!

    Hugh Roper
    Feb 18, 09:51 PM

  2. Way to post Michele! Sorry your leg hurts. You might try icing it “from the inside” by eating a pint of rocky road :)

    Feb 19, 05:10 PM

  3. My justification for the video games (well, in our case computer games) is that it is building good hand/eye coordination!! And even though you might be done for a time with the science fair projects – keep thinking of them cause I’ll start in a few years! YIKES!!!

    Feb 19, 07:13 PM

  4. Hey don’t feel bad about the computer game. Every mom need some time down! Sorry to hear about the leg. Is it doing better? I remember when our last child graduated from High School. I was so glad that the school projects were behind us! Of course there have been a couple of college papers to read through, but hey that was a piece of cake……Did I say cake? I think I need some!

    Feb 20, 12:57 PM

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