The Gift of Giving

I was flipping through my old third grade stuff, fondly reading the “books” I had made with pride, when I came across a poem I had writen for a contest. My elementary school was ending a huge project. Every class was given an assignment to collect a backpack, hygenic supplies, school supplies, and some enetertainment to give to the local shelter. We were going to have a ceremony and a student from each grade would read something. I had written this poem for the contest. My teacher read it, gave it to the principal, then I got to read it in front of the school. I think it’s kind of cute, although it’s really different from my writing style today. Here it is:

The Gift of Giving

When I think of the homeless
I think of the poor, the helpless,
The unfortunate, and the unlucky.
The feeling in my heart is a strong one.
Many kids have a wonderful life,
But the homeless don’t.
You can give toys, food, clothes,
Shoes, money, and many more.
But the greatest gift comes from the heart,
Like this poem.
Think of others and not yourself.
Give, give, give is what I say.
If you give to the needy,
You will feel good
If we all work together,
There will be no such thing as “Homeless”.
If you give,
You’ll get a gift.
Not Playstation 2 or jewelry,
You’ll have a kind heart,
And that is the greatest gift of all.

Words from a nine-year=old child.

07/09/2008 | ken |


  1. Ken, you have quite a gift for writing. I hope that you have kept your skills sharp and that you keep developing them. I love the insight that you had when you were nine. You are a wonderful young lady with much to offer!!

    Jul 12, 03:59 PM

  2. Love it Kenn.

    Jul 14, 07:38 PM

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