Ice Cream Chaos

I think there’s a reason why people typically don’t invite my family to social events. We tend to cause disasters out of anything and everything. For example, this weekend. If any of you happened to be around our neighborhood yesterday, you would’ve found that it was very extremely hot. So naturally, we decided to make our own ice cream. Bad idea.

We used one of those recipes that call for you to pour the ingredients into plastic bags and shake it up. I remember making ice cream at Grandma’s when I was younger, and instead of shaking plastic bags, we rolled around tin cans. Her brilliance and wisdom is astonishing. Anyway, my sister and I were going to make a bag’s worth of ice cream each. Well, we, or should I say I, discovered how difficult it is for uncoordinated hands to pour milk into small bags. I ended up spilling it all over the floor. While we tried to mop it up with no mop or paper towels handy, Quinan accidentally tipped over one of the fans we had going, and something got caught in it and caused it to crackle. After all of that got cleared up, we tried duct taping the bags shut, like we were instructed, but the bags kept leaking everywhere before we did. They, we headed outside all set to toss those bags around. We found out that long nails easily rip plastic, and if you drop the bag too hard, it also will split open. We finally got those bags taped up, with very cheap and ineffective tape, I might add, and our ice cream did turn out pretty delicious. I just didn’t remember anyone saying how disastrous homemade ice cream was. Which, ironically, brings up some further Grandma Ice Cream memories, which include us being told how easy it was, yet it turning out to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

06/11/2011 | jen |


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