Lego Indiana Jones

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Bad guys

“Did bad guys kill President Hinckley?”

— Quinan

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Michele and the kids love lemons (straight no chaser). How about our readers?

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Quinan's favorite sleeping place

Quinan asleep by the PS2

Quinan’s favorite sleeping place is next to the PlayStation 2 (and Lego Star Wars). Guess where he crashed tonight?

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“There’s a booger on my shoe.”

— Quinan (while grocery shopping)

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Use the Force Luke.

Use the Force

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“Look it’s Buzz Lightyear” — Quinan (when seeing an airplane’s vapor trail in the sky).

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Tricycle Cam

These are a couple test shots for a future project. Best if played at the same time. Notice Qinan is sportin’ his cousin Brad’s wannabe beard.

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Return of the Croup

Quinan went to bed pretty early tonight since he didn’t have a nap. We took him potty about 10:30 p.m. and everything seemed normal. About 1 a.m. I heard him walk into our room and noticed that he was having trouble breathing. So we spent a little while sitting on the porch wrapped in blankets. His croup seems to have lessened (but not as quickly as before) and he’s now inside breathing in the mist of a humidifier.

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Our prolific artist

Quinan posing with a drawing on the wall.

Quinan loves to express himself through art and often uses the walls of our home as his canvas.

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