Hand me downs

When I turned eight I was given a journal. I wrote in that journal pretty faithfully until I got married. Then it slowed down, then when I had Kennerley it pretty much stopped. I have always been sad that so much of the time of my growth as a person I have not recorded much. I did record special occasions but so much of what I have learned has been in everyday moments with my family. The reasons for not writing in a journal are pretty lame. One: time. Two: (this is the really lame one) I couldn’t find a journal that I liked. I tried hardback – but they were to big. I tried notebooks – but they just didn’t feel like they would last through time. I tried small books but my writing is to big and they filled up to fast and I didn’t like having a bunch of little books sitting around. Well, one day I happened upon LDS Journal which is a place to put your journal online.when I came across LDS Journal I thought I would give it a try. For one reason, sadly with so much work done on computers now my handwriting has turned from bad to really bad. So that was another lame excuse I had for not journaling – no one would be able to read it. I have been using LDS Journal for a few months now and i really like it. I think it is a perfect fit for me. I have gone back to writing what I learn, everyday happenings, and alot of the experiences I am having right now and what i am learning from it all. So, as a result of my great find I have not been at all on the blog scene. Because I am already recording the things going on in my life I haven’t really wanted to do it all over again for the blog. But I love to read others blog and learn about them and see what they are up to. So I recently decided to use the blog more as a way to let family and friends know a little more about me – and most especially let those in my family coming after me know a little about who I was. So every couple of days i will put up a random journal jar type of question and answer it. I would love for you guys reading this in the here and now to answer the question also. Just leave a comment!

So for the first one!

Tell about handed-down talents, foods, clothespin dolls, willow whistles, pottery, quilting, whittling, meat drying etc.

As the oldest sibling and the oldest cousin in my family I don’t think growing up I received very many items that were handed-down. When I got married I got handed down beds, couches, desks, tables,etc. I can think of one item that was handed down to me that is very special. It is an old, old little tiny sewing machine. And some day when I have time to take a picture of it and put it up. But my great-grandma on my dad’s side, Nana Tiedeck gave it to me. I love it because it is so old and represents a part of history and because it is something from someone else.

So tell me about handed-down talents, foods, clothespin dolls, willow whistles, pottery, quilting, whittling, meat drying etc.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our family and friends!

One of the things I want to do better at this year is blogging. So I thought I would try to write something everyday.

It is now January 4th and I am just getting to it. Why does life go by so fast!

Quinan, Kennerley and I have been sick for 3 weeks now. We have had a cough that never ends, the kind the hurts your stomach muscles, then we progressed to stuffed up heads, then some kind of stomach thing. There isn’t a break in between and we are getting very sick of being sick. Somehow Jensen and Hugh have avoided the whole thing.

Well, I am sure I had lots of great things to write about on New Years Day but now that it is the 4th I can’t remember any of them.

So, just want to say Happy New Year and I hope you all have a wonderful 2009

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Coming Soon In A Blog Store Near You!

O.K. everyone, it may not be store or technically near you, but I do have cool items! Here they are!(sorry no pics, it is still in progress.

The new amazing bag made just for your “pets”! Made up of a lightly colored denim cloth, decorated with charming cloth with the most cutest designs. Pick one or two of the designs (one for the handle), and WebJenz will craft them together, making a personalized bag. Also, when picking a cloth to design the bag with personality, they come in either shapes: moon, star, heart, or whatever simple shape you choose.
Price: unknown/undecided. Buy the handbags soon!

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Has anyone seen the Roper’s? They can’t seem to be found anymore in blog world. Where did they go? There was the very handsome Hugh, Michele and the cute kids Kennerley, Jensen and Quinan. What happened to them? They can’t even be found posing for a family picture.

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I got tagged awhile ago by my friend Tara. This is my first time being tagged so I hope I am doing it right!

3 Joys:
1- See’s Raspberry Creams
2- Little kids laughing
3- music

3 Fears:
1- a flock of birds
2- being in a car accident
3- having someone I love die suddenly

1- Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
2- having things go the right way
3 – the Olympics

Three little or unknown facts about me:
1- I used to keep my spices and all my books and children’s books in alphabetical order and I would still like to be able to do that but had to let it go
2- deep inside of me is a clean freak but for my sanity I had to put it away.
3- I’m not a big animal person

Now I am supposed to “tag” five others-
1- Skenes
2- Las Vegas Brooks’
3- Provo Brooks’
4- Sarah Brooks
5- David and Amy

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Alice Chalifoux, my harp teacher when I attended The Cleveland Institute of Music died July 31, at the age of 100. Reading of her death caused me to pause and remember my college days. A time that seems like a different life ago because my life now is so different than it was when I was in college. Miss Chalifoux was in her 80’s when I attended CIM. I think the scariest moment in my whole life was when I was in a car with Miss Chalifoux driving. She was a very small woman and she sat on a big phone book and still could barely see above the steering wheel. She was a very fiesty woman. She never yelled but if you weren’t prepared she could still make you feel as small as a pin head. Maybe because she was such a respected person in the harp world. I am very thankful for all Ilearned from her. Towards the end of my senior year I had decided to leave the music world behind and start a family. I was so scared to tell Miss Chalifoux this. People don’t go to CIM to study and get a degree and then leave it to be a mom. I was afraid she would feel like she had wasted her time with me. But when i told her she said she thought that was great and told me to give my husband all my attention. She said she wished she had spent more time with her husband before he died. It was a difficult decision for me to make and talking to her really helped. What a great blessing it was for me to be able to study with her!

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Tyda Rosalie

Congratulations to my brother Dan and his wife Tiffany and twin girls Scarlett and Hawley. They welcomed another little girl to their family July 21st. Her name is Tyda Rosalie. Congratulations!

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About a year ago I heard about this book Twilight that was beating Harry Potter on bestsellers lists. Well, I love Harry Potter and couldn’t imagine a book beating it. So I became interested in Twilight. Come to find out the author was LDS which peaked my interest a little more. Though I couldn’t really imagine a vampire book being very interesting. So after I read the 7th Harry Potter book I read Twilight. While I liked it I didn’t think it was good enough to beat Harry Potter and couldn’t quite understand the craziness over it. Kennerley has read all three of the series. The 4th is coming out in August and I thought maybe i should read them to see what she is getting into. So, I tried Twilight again. This time the story caught on. I think the first time I read it I skimmed it because I just wanted to get to the part Bella discovers Edward is a vampire and I think I missed alot. Anyway, I read Twilight and got a little hooked. Then I read New Moon in 1 day, got a little more hooked and read Eclipse in a couple of days and got even more hooked. So yes, I caved into the mayhem. Though I like it not because I am in love with Edward and think he is perfect because quite frankly I don’t. I love it because it is just a really great love story. There is something very scary about how those books are so addicting. I even have been going on stepheniemeyer.com to see the quote of the day.

Kennerley and i are going to a Breaking Dawn party August 1st from 10 pm to midnight. If there are any adults out there who want to go with me let me know, other wise I will be surround by a bunch of screaming 14 year old as Kennerley has invited her friends.

I am not a fanatic though. I took a quiz My score was 12966. I think i missed 2. Can anyone beat that!

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The time has come again!

Well…. I guess the time has come for me to start blogging again.

For the first time I have both girls for the whole summer. Usually one or both have been on year round school. So when they were in elementary they didn’t get out till the middle of July. What have the Ropers been doing to keep sane this summer? At the beginning of the break I made up a schedule. Monday is craft day, Tuesday and Wednesday free movies at Regal, Thursday is breakfast at the park and play and Friday is have a friend over day. Actually Friday was originally kitchen cooking fun treat day but by Friday I have been to worn out to make anything fun so it has become laze around and drive mom crazy day. That wasn’t working so well for me so I just changed it to have a friend over day. Then each day at 2:00 we have quiet time where everyone goes to a different bedroom and spends some time to unwind. They read, refresh themselves on school work, write stories, sometimes take a nap. This seems to keep them from getting on each others nerves and give me the away time from Quinan’s busyness. Then after snacks I do school work with Quinan and the girls practice piano. They have free time during the day that they can do what they want. This consisted of TV or Webkinz or WII. Which also brought on fights or me frustrated that they were spending all their time on electronics. So….. we started a new thing today. When they do what I ask, or do things that are nice without being told I give them minutes. They can then use their minutes on electronics time. No minutes, no electronics. It has worked out even better than I imagined. They spend all their time collecting minutes they barely even use them up! I have the girls doing things on their own without me asking. It has been great! So the first month of summer is over and I think we have a good way for the rest of the summer.

I have been reading and thinking of some things recently that I will put in a latter post. It is to much to put down all at once! So stay tuned.

I did realize once again how I need to blog more and include more in my blog. ldsmediatalk has some great suggestion on Elder Ballards talk on Sharing the gospel on the internet which you can either find a link to on ldsmediatalk or it is also in the July Ensign. I have been reluctant to share what I learn on church or in scripture study on the blog but looking through the list on ldsmediatalk that is the easiest one to do. So I am going to try and share more of what I learn. So beware. I look forward in you keeping me on track and sharing your thoughts with me.

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Nancy Drew Review

The Nancy Drew series are some of my newest favorite. It’s about girl who is a young teenage sleuth. This girl solves crimes of all types. She has 2 book series. One is in Nancy’s point of view, who is also narrating, and the other is just told by the author and is the oldest series. The author goes by the name of Carolyn Keene.

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